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Created by real estate agents, 

for real estate agents.

Imagine an Empty Inbox

Who we are

We are a company created by real estate agents, for real estate agents. 

Tristan Assist is operated by real people, trained in real estate; who receive your emails – then sort, respond or qualify on your behalf. 

What we do

Tristan Assist makes use of continuously evolving AI to look for insights and follow patterns.

We give you back control of your inbox, while making sure those that YOU want to communicate with – get to the front of the line.

Why we do it

We believe that we have an opportunity to not only streamline our clients’ businesses, but also to change the freedom level that our clients have over their own personal and professional lives.

Our Executive Team

Dave Fletcher

Founder, CEO 

Paul Barbeau

Chief Technology Officer

Come work for us, we are hiring!

Be a Tristan Assistant – flexible hours, financially rewarding, fun, friendly experience.

Real Estate knowledge required!