Customer Service in Real Estate is King

“If the public has access to all of the information, how long before we’re no longer needed?” This month the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that sales data for sold listings could be made public and Zillow was in and courting relationships with brokerages and real estate boards seemingly the next day. Across the frozen […]


Disconnecting from a connected world

How do we begin to disconnect from our smartphones and devices? This month, Google released its new flagship smartphone, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Many of the most hyped features are designed to help its users use their smartphones less. Features like Do Not Disturb, Flip to Shhh, and Wind Down are groundbreaking […]


Working “All the Hours”

Well that didn’t take long. We here at Tristan Assist have started our full marketing push, and as part of that push, we’re engaging agents in some of the most popular Facebook groups by weighing in on the conversations that speak to the need for our product. Recently, the “How many hours do you work […]


What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

Do you believe in magic? In real estate, magic most often looks like this: a steady stream of business; an always on, easy-going personality that charms everyone; organized appointments, inspections, closings, and office; regular time off for family, friends, and adventure; great hair and fabulous shoes! In the real world, you’re wondering where the next […]


Don’t let your inbox control your life

What happens when everything gets to be a little too much? Girl, I see you: you’re making it happen like you never thought you would. You’ve got goals and you’re meeting them. You’ve got eight “now” clients on the go. Your kids are doing great at school and cheerleading, and football, and dance, and hockey. […]


The idea of handing over control of my email seems weird to me

We know how important it is for a successful Realtor to remain in control of their business at all times. That’s why we’ve built in tools and functions that let you customize what your Tristan Assist assistant sees, how they treat what they receive on your behalf, and the kind of language they use to […]


A Chance to be Your Best

The real estate industry is tough. Estimates are that 80% of newly licensed Realtors® will either be out of the business or not earning a living wage in real estate by the end of their second year of licensing. Why is that? A 24/7 work week, the need to find and drive one’s own business, […]


Success Demands Singleness of Purpose

“You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects.” -Gary Keller The life of a successful real estate agent is one of many different pulls and distractions. In order to meet the needs of our clients and grow our businesses, a successful Realtor® needs to respond […]


Tristan Assist Features: Email Filters

We are committed to keeping control firmly in the hands of our users. Tristan Assist has been developed and built with features that make sure that that sentiment always prevails. Having the ability to filter emails based on any criteria that our users choose is a big part of that effort.From your Tristan Assist desktop […]