Run Your Career Like a Business

How many Fortune 500 CEOs do you think handle every aspect of their business? A successful business operator doesn’t deal with the minutiae and micro of his or her business. Top flight CEOs and entrepreneurs focus on the big picture: setting the path for success, getting deals done, and making things happen. They focus on […]


Tristan Assist Features: Setting Priorities

When reviewing inbound emails for our clients, we have identified 27 different types of emails that real estate agents receive every day.  By sorting those types of emails into four different categories, we are able to efficiently sort, respond to, and action those emails on our clients’ behalves. Let’s take a look at how Tristan […]


Tristan Assist Features: Activation Methods

I’m going to tell you about how you can make Tristan Assist work for you when you want it to.  Many Tristan Assist users leave Tristan turned on 24/7 and use our priority settings and filters to make sure that they get the emails that are most important to them when they want them, but […]