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What our clients say

As a mother of four, I thought working as a realtor would be the perfect career for me – but the reality was that if I wanted my clients to be offered top quality customer service, my family began to bare the brunt of my strange hours, last minute schedule changes and constant bings and beeps coming from my phone wherever we were. 

 I can now have dedicated time off where someone is answering all my emails – I don’t have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks, not being responded to on time, and still being able to deal with emergencies when I’m really the one that’s needed. It’s the balance that I was looking for that allows me to maintain and grow my real estate business, without having to sacrifice my family life. 

Alexandra Kebe

Real Estate Agent 

What our clients say

Thanks very much to Tristan Assist! This software has helped our business improve organization and allowed our group of Realtors and Administrators to prioritize their daily tasks and schedules. 


Not only has Tristan Assist helped with productivity it has allowed us to walk away from the constant demands of our emails giving us more free time personally and with our families. We would highly recommend this software for anyone looking to improve quality of work life balance.

Geoff Walker

Sales Representative | Walker Real Estate Group  

What our clients say

My inbox was nauseatingly cluttered. After just one day with Tristan Assist ‘manning’ my emails, I was able to catch up on all the old emails still in my inbox, that needed action, following up on or kept aside as a reference. It was like I was never going to be able to catch up based on how many emails we get in a day without someone helping me! I feel lighter already.

Jennifer Thompson

Sales Representative | Re/Max Hallmark Realty Group

What our clients say

You guys are booking me appointments I never would’ve gotten myself.

Matt Richling

Sales Representative | Re/Max Hallmark Realty Group