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A personal assistant who will never take breaks, vacations, sick days or even go home!

Real Estate Trained, Virtual Assistants - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is Tristan Assist?

To put it simply, we provide a virtual executive assistant who will help manage your Email and Schedule 24/7. 


Real People, supported by AI software and trained as Real Estate Assistants: will review, sort and action your Email in 6 mins or less.


Reclaim Your Time

Focus your work time on maximizing where you are most productive. Our professionals will keep you up to date on the email info that you want to know about in real time.

Never Miss An Email

Our professionals use industry leading scripts or your own words to answer your inbound email in ten minutes or less, 24/7.

Avoid Burnout

When you go home for the night, put your phone down knowing that inbound emails are being handled in the way that you want them handled. 

Be More Organized

Tristan’s professionals will sort and qualify inbound emails in the ways that you want them to. We will book appointments with qualified prospects using your real time availability.

Easy to Use

Our online Wizard will walk you through the setup and configuration of your Tristan Assistant. You are able to turn the system on and off directly from your phone.

Save Money

Tristan Assist handles one of the most cumbersome parts of being a real estate agent, all for a minute fraction of the cost of hiring an assistant.

Get the App 

Tristan Assist is easily configured from your mobile phone while you are on the go.